Tree of Life Jewelry Meaning

April 17, 2021 4 min read

Tree of Life Jewelry Meaning

Without exception, everyone loves beautiful, sparkling jewelry. These fashion accessories are often given as gifts to people you really care about.

But for this gift to be appreciated, it must represent a significant value and especially have a special meaning. In this case, choose a jewel decorated with a tree of life. These are original gifts that symbolize many strong things. Find out in this article all you need to know about tree of life jewelry.

The meanings of tree of life jewelry

The main meaning of the tree of life symbol is the interconnection of the elements of life. Its roots intertwine with other roots of surrounding plants while the branches and leaves touch the sky to form a shelter for animals. A single tree can provide habitat for a host of creatures, including birds, insects, squirrels and others.

In addition, the tree of life is found in many civilizations and cultures around the world. In Ancient Egypt, for example, it is attached to various deities. This plant is also present in the sacred texts of the Bible dedicated to the Garden of Eden. The tree of life grows in the middle of the garden and describes the symbol of immortality and eternal life. In other words, it is the gateway to the eternal.

It is therefore a model of stability and harmony that draws its strength from nature. The roots draw their energy from the ground. The trunk provides stability, strength and resistance and the branches that rise high are fed by natural energy. Thus, the symbols that are present on a tree of life are not insignificant. They are good luck charms that have a high spiritual power.

How to choose a tree of life jewel?

The tree of life jewelry is a symbol of protection since it contains positive natural energy from the four elements. When you wear this pendant on you, you have a famous piece of jewelry that offers natural protection and can have a positive impact on your life. This lucky charm attracts good fortune, abundance on their wearer.

Jewelry designers make beautiful representations of the tree of life in their jewelry collections. It is therefore normal to have some difficulties when choosing the right model that meets your expectations. To make your choice easier, keep in mind that the most important thing is the taste of the person who will receive it.

According to the style

Rely on the style of the person to facilitate your choice. Minimalist women, for example, will find their happiness with tree of life earrings. Necklaces with pendants are also perfect for low-cut outfits. If you are planning to give her a gift for everyday use or a luxury item to enhance her style, then choose jewelry made of precious materials like silver or gold. However, other materials such as wood are also original ideas. Moreover, these models have become very trendy.

According to the stones

You can also take into account the virtues of the precious stones that adorn the jewelry. Turquoise is a lullaby that soothes emotional pain. It also helps its wearer to be less stressed and have a zen attitude. Tiger's eye, which is a variety of quartz, gives more confidence, personal strength and self-worth to the wearer. Finally, the opal will be perfect as a gift for your lover on Valentine's Day or on his/her birthday. Moreover, among the Greeks, this stone symbolizes hope and promotes love and tenderness in social relationships.

The different types of tree of life jewelry

If you want to offer an original gift to one of your loved ones, choose the handmade tree of life jewelry. The quality models are made of enamelled metal and are carefully set with precious stones. It will be a symbolic and unforgettable gift.

Generally, the tree of life jewelry made with this material are numerous. You can offer a necklace, a medallion, a pendant, a ring, a bracelet or a pair of earrings. With a material like silver, the tree of life necklace and pendant give an elegant and chic style. This material also reflects the energy and spiritual spirit of the tree of life.

Precious or semi-precious stones such as peridot, blue topaz, opal and amethyst are luxury accessories. No matter what the recipient's look is, tree of life jewelry adorned with one of these stones will fit easily into his or her daily outfit. In addition, these stones listed below have miraculous therapeutic virtues.

To whom to offer a tree of life jewel

If you decide to give this beautiful gift to a loved one (sister, mother, friend or wife), you are expressing deep and positive feelings towards them. It is also another way to tell him/her that he/she is important to you and that he/she can always count on your support and presence.

The tree of life jewelry is also a nice gift for women, as it perfectly expresses sensuality and reinforces femininity while representing unity and growth. You should also know that each type of jewelry can correspond to a particular category of people. Pregnant women will probably like a pregnancy bola more than a tree of life ring.

Think again, men are not excluded. The male gender appreciates medallions and bracelets. And to make your gift even more special, you can personalize it with his name, first name or another inscription that is meaningful to the recipient.

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