Tree of Life: A Lucky Symbol for Humanity

April 18, 2021 4 min read

Tree of Life Lucky Symbol

Have you ever heard of the tree of life? It's a stylized representation of a tree with roots and branches that seem to attract positive vibes and become one! You'll see this symbol everywhere, including on crafts, as jewelry or flocked on clothing.

Much more than a simple plant that bears leaves and fruits, the tree of life is a universal spiritual emblem associated with religion, mythology, sociology, art, culture, etc. Thus, this exceptional tree would have a real miraculous power on the daily life of the person who carries it.

The tree of life: what is it?

The tree of life is different from other plants that you can find in the forest. Indeed, its appearance is quite unique. It has three distinct parts: the roots, the trunk and the arborescent branches forming a crown. Its roots are deeply rooted in the earth while its branches are very long to give the impression of touching the sky.

Because of its shape, the tree of life symbolizes several elements at the character and spiritual level. There are many descriptions that can define the tree of life. That is why it is really important in the life of a human being. It acts as a good luck talisman and brings indefinable benefits. Man draws the source of happiness and serenity from the tree of life.

However, its origin is not known, but it has existed for a long time. On the other hand, it is quite possible to relate its existence through history, beliefs and religion.

The spiritual properties of the tree of life

Indeed, the tree of life is found in the majority of cults: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. In these religions, this plant symbolizes the force of life, immortality and absolute knowledge. Some ancient religions consider it as a tree representing the laws of the universe or the love of God.

Furthermore, the spiritual properties of the tree of life also depend on the culture. Many people believe that the biology of the infinite tree of life makes it more emblematic. Thus, its virtues are able to cure certain diseases. Moreover, it is a very powerful element that will serve as a guide in your life. It guarantees you amazing results.

In some cultures, the Tree of Life is also a sign of immortality. Its meaning differs everywhere, but its spiritual properties always remain the same. It will give you a sense of clarity and happiness. You are constantly trying to push the limits and improve your life.

A talisman that can change the course of life

As you can see, the tree of life has the ability to positively influence the life of its owner through its strong symbolism. If you really want it, this silver tree of life pendant can become your talisman and accompany you throughout your life. It will be your guide to enlighten you and show you the best path to follow when you are facing difficult moments.

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A companion indicating several truth

Here are the four truths to remember that the tree of life represents:

  • Life is a true gift from heaven. It is freely given and you must cherish it.
  • You must be rooted in the present moment. In this way, you can enjoy life to the fullest
  • Everyone has the right to find happiness and be happy
  • Everyone has the resources to fight any obstacle and trial in life.

In other words, having any jewelry that symbolizes the tree of life gives you extra confidence in your physical or intellectual abilities. You will be totally different in front of an important test like a job interview, an exam or a first date.

Even if for the skeptics this is only a phenomenon of self-persuasion, it is undeniable that when faced with a difficult task, this small lucky charm gives you the courage to accomplish it.

Why is the tree of life a powerful good luck charm?

When it comes to thinking of a lucky object or thing, everyone thinks of the four-leaf clover, the ladybug, Fatma's hand or the horseshoe. These are the representations that immediately come to mind.

However, the tree of life also holds an incredible power that can bring you luck. Currently, the tree of life jewelry and tree of life decorative objects have become very fashionable. But, very few people know exactly that this symbol is a real exceptional lucky charm. That is why ancient men and women had used the image of the tree as a protective amulet.

Generally, people wear a collection of tree of life jewelry for various reasons:

  • This locket increases one's seductive ability and self-confidence
  • By wearing this pendant, the individual in question is protected from any misfortune that may exist
  • A tree of life chain keeps away negative feelings like sadness or anger
  • For women, this kind of earring brings peace, balance and harmony
  • Thanks to this magic ring, the person who wears it will be motivated and inspired to accomplish his goals during the day.

Moreover, this type of jewelry expresses the love you have for your loved ones, attracts positive emotions and well-being, allows you to have a better self-knowledge.

In the spiritual realm, tree of life costume jewelry facilitates meditation and anchoring in the present moment. The person who wears it quickly rises spiritually speaking.

How to take full advantage of the benefits of the tree of life?

For the effects of your bracelet, necklace, earring, pendant, or other adjustable jewelry to work, you must:

  • Have an open mind
  • Place trust in the tree of life jewelry you own
  • Keep it close to yo
  • Take action without having any doubt

Whether it's a pendant necklace or any other lucky charm, in general, you have to believe in it for the magic to work. In other words, the ability of your amulet will decrease and it will attract less luck on your side.

If you believe deeply, you will increase the power of your talisman. This positive attitude influences your charm and you will gain in effectiveness. Moreover, you should never doubt the real power that positive thinking has on you and your actions.

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