Tree of Life Meaning

April 17, 2021 9 min read

Tree of Life Meaning

Both mystical and magical, the Tree of Life has been found in different cultures, legends and stories for centuries and centuries. It is an emblem known universally that many sacred places and artistic representations refer to it.

Much more than a simple tree with fruits and foliage, it is associated with religion, mythology, sociology, art and jewelry. Discover here everything that revolves around this fascinating subject.

The Tree of Life Meaning

This mythical tree is considered a sacred emblem that carries special meaning in spiritual and religious philosophies. To be more precise, the tree of life represents the inter-connectivity of everything in the universe. It symbolizes unity by reminding us that you are instantly connected to the world.

tree of life

Its roots are buried deep in the ground and feed off Mother Earth while the branches reach high into the sky to accept energy from the sun and moon. The tree of life is distinguished from all other plants by its appearance. It has three distinct parts: the roots, the trunk and the tree-like branches forming crowns.

Thanks to this unique shape, the tree of life symbolizes several elements both on a spiritual and character level. Moreover, it holds various benefits in which men draw the source of serenity and happiness.

However, its origin is not known. Historians report some traces of this spiritual sign in ancient South American, European, Asian and Middle Eastern civilizations. Thus, it is possible to relate its existence through religion and history without forgetting the beliefs.

What does the tree of life represent?

From a general point of view, the tree of life represents spiritual and physical fulfillment. It symbolizes the elements essential to the happiness of humanity. Moreover, it is a really powerful plant that can influence the lives of people. Here are the most frequent meanings of the tree of life:

Symbol of protection

tree of life and women

It offers protection for humans as well as animals. All trees serve as a refuge from the dangers, storms and fires that can befall animals. That is why these plants are preserved for centuries and still continue to be preserved by all means among the Celts.

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Symbol of nature

A tree of life brings together 4 essential elements to facilitate human life. These are water, earth, fire and air.

  • The fire or the sun brings energy,
  • Air allows the tree to breathe and move
  • Soil provides the basic support that gives it its shape and nourishes the tree.
  • And water gives it its existence.

The union of these four elements constitutes the knowledge of life. Like the tree, man also has these basic elements: the legs represent earth, the intestines are water, the lung is air and the head is fire.

Symbol of rebirth

This point is manifested by the change of season. At some point, the tree loses its leaves, the branches break and the fruits ripen. It seems dead when winter sets in.

tree of life 4 seasons

But, new buds appear and new green leaves unfold when spring arrives. Thus, the tree performs a cycle of life and it is the beginning of a new life or a new beginning.

Symbol of creation and evolution

Among the concepts conveyed by the tree of life is creation. The roots demonstrate a sense of grounding, strength and development of life. By giving its fruits which in turn become trees, this plant marks the continuity of life.

The tree of life also symbolizes the evolution of man in society. In the beginning, the human being has only one origin, but with time, he develops and creates other lives as well as a diversity of races.

Symbol of generosity

The tree of life is also a symbol of generosity, as it perfectly embodies the generous character of nature itself. It gives without counting the cost by providing people with everything they need: fruits, flowers, sap, stems. It provides food, shelter and shade as well as warmth.

yoga and tree of life

The tree of life has real power, according to Celtic belief. It can protect all that lives around it.

Symbol of wisdom

In many religions and beliefs, the tree of life symbolizes supreme wisdom. It brings a feeling of calm, peace and happiness. All trees have a relaxing presence as they stand still and tall while the leaves float serenely in the breeze. The tree of life is reminiscent of this soothing and unique feeling.

From a spiritual point of view, the soul rises into a deep wisdom while keeping its feet on the ground. Besides, the old wise man of the tribe would draw his wisdom from the forest in all mythologies

Symbol of strength

The tree of life is also a symbol of strength, as it stands tall and strong throughout the world. The roots well anchored in the ground serve to stabilize it. Thanks to this, it can withstand violent storms. Moreover, its imposing trunk makes it the strongest and most powerful tree in the forest.

Symbol of personal development

Like the tree of life, man is born, evolves, develops and grows. As he becomes an adult, he turns towards his future like the tree that points to the sky, but always keeps his past like the tree that buries its roots in the ground.

The path taken by each person is completely different like the branches of the trees that can have different directions: to the left or to the right.

Symbol of beauty

The tree of life has a unique appearance that is completely different from other plants in the forest. Its branches are long, the leaves change colors and the trunk is imposing. It perfectly represents elegance.

Symbol of family and fertility

The tree of life also represents family ties and ancestry. Its intricate network of branches is a reminder of how a family grows and spans generations.

This plant always finds the necessary means to grow whether it is through seedlings or seeds. Moreover, the tree of life is associated with a family tree.

The tree of life and religion

This symbol has links with religion, philosophy and spirituality among Celts, Buddhists, Christianity, Islam and Hindus. Each of these religions is associated with a spiritual symbol. The meaning may be different, but the character given is similar: the cycle of life and death, rebirth and eternal life.

The Christian religion

The tree of life is mentioned in the Bible, more precisely in the book of Genesis. It is the resplendent fruit tree that grows in the middle of the Garden of Eden. It is associated with eternal life. This tree symbolizes immortality, knowledge and of course the difference between good and evil. In New Genesis, the tree of life is associated with the image of Christ on the cross. Christ carried the cross and sacrificed himself for humanity. The teaching and life of Christ testify to the path of initiation on the tree of life.

The Jewish religion

Among the Jews, the story of the tree of life refers to the Kabbalah which is the secret law given by God to Moses. It represents the laws and the creation of the universe. In esotericism, this tree is formed by 10 energy centers called Sephirot (spheres), 3 veils of negative existence, 3 pillars and 22 paths expressing the different processes of the creation of the Universe. This representation is the central organizational system of the Jewish kabalistic tradition.

The Islamic religion

Known as the Tree of Immortality in the Islamic religion, it symbolizes eternal life in paradise. As for the Christians, it is a representation of disobedience to God's recommendations. Placed in the middle of paradise, it is assimilated to the cycle of the seasons. In winter, this plant loses all its foliage and regains its green leaves in spring. For many followers, the story of the tree of life in the Qur'an is a very real thing.

The Buddhist religion

Buddha and tree of life

In the Buddhist tradition, the tree of life is an allegory of the "Bodhi" tree or the tree of awakening. Taking the form of a fig tree, its history is linked to that of Buddha. Indeed, it is under this tree that this healthy being would have reached enlightenment after a long meditation.

Therefore, the Bo tree represents the path of Buddha's elevation. It represents the knowledge and spiritual goodness of Buddhists. That is why Buddhist monks plant these seeds near the temples.

The Hindu religion

In Hinduism, the tree of life is called "Ashvattha". It takes the form of an upside down plant with the roots pointing to the sky while the branches are buried underground. Thus, it symbolizes divine knowledge and the transmission of divine inner wisdom to mankind.

The Baha'i religion

This monotheistic religion also holds a compelling meaning about this sacred tree. It evokes rebirth and the link between life and death.

Myths about the tree of life

Apart from religion, the tree of life is also present in all civilizations of all times. You will find that it has been a reference to fulfillment, rebirth and spiritual wisdom, the origin of happiness.

Greek mythology

The tree of life is a plant found in the Hesperides garden at the time of Hercules. The heroes of ancient Greece had to pick the golden apples that were on this tree.

Native American mythology

The tree of life represents a miraculous tree that has innumerable healing virtues. Incurable diseases could be cured in no time.

Among the Navajo, the tree of life represents one of the four sacred plants symbolizing the family genealogy. Taking the form of corn, the ears of corn represent the members of the generation.

Egyptian mythology

Egyptian mythology tells us that King and Queen Isis and Osiris came out of this tree filled with magical power. Among the Egyptians, the tree of life is called "Saosis" or "Acaria".

Nordic mythology

Yggdrasil tree of life

The Scandinavians call the tree of life "Yggdrasil". It represents a majestic plant in the form of an ash tree. Thus, it symbolizes 9 worlds that house different animals.

The Chinese tradition

Called "Kien-Mou", the tree of life is a sacred tree linking the nine worlds. It links the nine sources to the nine heavens. For the rulers, this plant is used to ascend and descend between the worlds of Heaven and Earth. During its existence, the tree of life dies and is born several times.

The Celtic tradition

The tree of life has great importance to the ancient Celts, as it represents harmony and balance. The Celts believe that trees hold magical powers. These people gather under the "Celtic Tree of Life". This tree stands in the middle of the forest and establishes the connection between the earth and the sky. Therefore, it was an unforgivable crime to cut it down.

African culture

In African culture, the tree of life is illustrated by the baobab. Having the ability to store a quantity of water, this tree is considered a miraculous plant, as it saves many people from thirst and hunger, especially in very dark times. What is the point of wearing tree of life jewelry?

The tree of life is also represented in crafts, in art, especially in the creation of jewelry and painting. More and more people are starting to wear jewelry with a medallion representing a tree. With its symbolic and spiritual charge, the tree of life jewelry provides strength and brings together the creative and natural energies around you.

tree of life necklace

Sculptors, mosaicists, artists and painters create figures and artistic objects related to this mythical tree. This is why many people wear it as engraved, carved, embroidered or painted jewelry.

Meaning of tree of life jewelry

By wearing a collection of tree of life jewelry, you will be both elegant and protected from evil. The symbolic and spiritual charge of these jewels can give you strength and gather the necessary energy that is around you. This ornament is a sign of love, life, security and unity.

Whether it is a locket, tree of life necklace, tree of lifeĀ ring, tree of lifeĀ bracelet, tree of lifeĀ earrings or pendant, this figurine will be an excellent gift that shows kindness, friendship and love for an important event in the life of a loved one.

Your loved ones will be able to find balance and accumulate positive and protective energies. By the way, it can be engraved on any material such as gold, sterling silver, rose or yellow stainless gold plated, metal, wood or plastic. To seduce the eyes, this trendy ornament comes in infinite possibilities to have a fancy and design effect.

tree of life necklace with stone

In jewelry stores, these lucky charms come in various forms, from the most classic to personalized models. Indeed, some are decorated with pearls, precious stones (emerald, amazonite, jasper, quartz, diamond, etc.) or simple feathers.

Other models bear the names of your loved one or are heart-shaped. You have a wide range of possibilities to choose from. To determine the right model, take into account the temperament, birth month and taste of the person you are thinking of giving it to.

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