Tree of Life Ring Meaning

April 22, 2021 3 min read

Tree of Life Ring Meaning

More and more jewelry lovers are looking for original and symbolic jewelry to accompany their daily outfits. The tree of life rings is one of the trendy jewels at the moment. They are both meaningful and allow you to affirm your sensitivity and beliefs.

Thus, having a tree of life ring on your finger is not insignificant. Whether it is silver, gold or golden brass, this jewel representing this universal symbol can accompany you every day.

Some relevant meanings of the tree of life

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that is present in many traditions, religions and spiritual lineages. You can find it among Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and even Buddhists.

Its symbolism is adapted to each of these religions, but the message remains universal. By its presence, the tree of life teaches how a human being should live his life.

The tree of life symbolizes inner wisdom

To have a happy and healthy life, man must have his feet on the ground and his head in the stars exactly like the tree of life. In this way, he will be able to grow solid and straight like the trunk. Every human being must know how to live in a concrete and material world while keeping his mind turned to the spiritual.

The tree of life represents generosity

This plant shows that we must know how to give without counting the cost and without expecting anything in return. It provides shelter for animals, shade and fruit for humans, sap and wood for warmth. The tree of life teaches sharing, giving and solidarity. Moreover, it is by giving to others that you will grow better.

The tree of life bears witness to the world of the soul

Its roots well anchored in the ground and its branches reaching to the sky give it its strength and stability. It encourages you to rise spiritually to reach your soul, your deepest self and your true being.

The tree of life symbolizes the cycle of life

Like all plants, the tree of life also loses its leaves in the fall and is reborn in the spring. The falling leaves signify a change where everything evolves and dies to be reborn again. You are therefore invited to let go of the past, to let go if you wish to move forward in life.

The tree of life represents unity

The tree of life represents fusion and unity. Its trunk symbolizes the male gender while its branches and leaves represent the female. This plant alone contains the entire universe and reminds us that each human being contains the greater whole within.

The tree of life in everyday life

You have now understood that the tree of life is a symbol of good luck and positive vibes. It can be very beneficial to have at home a statuette, a photo, an object or a piece of jewelry that represents it. In this way, you will be able to feel the good energies in order to refocus your life.

If you are a jewelry lover, you should know that the tree of life is nicely represented on pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Moreover, its aesthetic is very appreciated. They are very trendy ornaments.

Having a tree of life ring near you, every day, is a reminder of the principles of wisdom. Filled with good energy, it will help you move forward serenely on your own path. In an unconscious way, this tree of life jewelry will speak to your soul to help you in your spiritual quest.

Tree of life rings available on the market

Silver tree of life rings

If you like silver rings, we have several models in different sizes to suit you. They are handmade by renowned craftsmen.

Golden brass tree of life rings

Brass is a material that is becoming more and more popular, because it is easy to maintain like silver. It doesn't change and stays like new. We offer you various models of rings made of golden brass.

Tree of life rings with natural stones

If you are interested in the symbolism of jewelry, our tree of life store offers a wide range of rings decorated with natural stones. These models have energetic properties that complement the benefits of the tree of life itself.

On which finger should I wear the tree of life rings?

Unlike other rings, those representing the tree of life can be worn on any finger, depending on your mood and style.

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