Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning

April 19, 2021 6 min read

Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning

A sacred symbol of life force, the tree of life is one of the most popular tattoos today. Getting this graphic representation tattooed on your skin means a big step in your life. You will have an important place in the world or universe with humility. This emblem shows respect, tolerance, spiritual awakening and love towards nature and the living beings that compose it. Discover in this article the hidden meaning of a Tree of Life Tattoo.

Why choose the tree of life as a tattoo?

In a broader sense, the tree of life tattoo and its exceptional roots represent man's descent with his past and his beginning in the World. Of course, the sturdy trunk in permanent growth is the outline of the branches. It is these elements that are essential when it comes to the tree of life in question.

As you know, the tree of life is a universal symbol. This means that almost every culture around the world has adopted it at one time or another. Because of this, it is timeless. After 10 to 20 years, it will continue to be fashionable and relevant. Its connection to all things and its inner strength make the tree of life a unique guide in your own life journey.

The value of tree of life tattoos

The attraction of material life and mass consumption is gradually leading to the emergence of new modes of consumption that are respectful, sustainable and above all have a limited impact on the environment. The tree of life responds perfectly to this concept. This is why it is slowly becoming the standard for new ecological issues.

Moreover, the tree as such takes a fundamental place in the ecosystem. It provides food, shelter in hot and rainy weather. It provides oxygen, firewood and protects the earth against erosion. Getting a tattoo of this emblem is to express your attachment to nature.

In a broader context, the tree of life tattoo also represents the descent of man. Its roots bear witness to the past and the beginning as an introduction to the world. The sturdy, growing trunk is the common ancestor and the outline of the branches themselves.

The branches, on the other hand, are the symbol of future development, the representatives of the generations to come, the process of development and the constant progress. From a metaphorical point of view, they do not seem to have an end. Thus, a tree of life tattoo can also symbolize Immortality or Eternity.

Another important meaning regarding the tree of life tattoo is Creation and Hierarchy. In short, this fashionable emblem symbolizes a new beginning, positive energy, existence itself, promising future, good health, strength and growth.

The Celtic tree of life tattoo

Tree of life tattoo designs vary from culture to culture and according to the inspiration of the tattoo artist. The majority feature arching branches with deep roots adorned with a variation of color, shape and design. The classic motif in storybooks and religious texts features roots that sink into the ground and gigantic branches that soar to the sky.

The Celtic tree of life, on the other hand, features branches and roots that intertwine to form an outer circle. Sometimes it is even contained within a circle. And this circle represents eternity which is a very common Celtic theme. Some designs of the Celtic tree of life tattoo are accompanied by flowers and fruits or animals (birds, butterflies, wolves, etc).

The mandala tree of life tattoo

To make it more personal, many people opt for a mandala tree of life tattoo. It is mostly women who appreciate this type of tattoo. However, some men also adopt the two sacred designs in tattoo art.

The mandala is a sacred design in the Buddhist religion. All the small details of this representation hide a particular message. In fact, it is a metaphor of human existence since it is composed of a center symbolizing the inner "me" and by motifs that gravitate around this center testifying to the allegory of the meanders of life.

It can also represent the evolution as well as the involution of the universe in relation to a central point. But, the most common meaning of the mandala is summarized with "totality, center, circle and unity".

The mandala tattoo is done in black and gray. Sometimes it can also be colored. This color variation has its own meaning. The red mandala represents vigor, the white is a promise of harmony. The yellow mandala is associated with clairvoyance and serenity while the blue designates femininity and tenderness. Finally, green is a promise of growth.

The best parts of the body to get a tree of life tattoo

Whether direct or subconscious, the location of your tattoo can have its own meaning:

Back tattoo

The best part to get a tattoo is the entire back between the two shoulder blades. This is the most extensive, flat and smooth surface of the body. In this area, the tattoo should be of a targeted and visible size. A thickly outlined or colored design will be very eye-catching.

Having a tattoo in the lower back or lower back tatoo is a hit for women who want to become sexy. If you choose this part of the body, you are more interested in the memory and the impression you left around you. This representation reflects an intuitive desire that conscious.

Tattoo on the neck and shoulder

The tattoo on the neck has the same meaning as the tattoos on the back. It is the ideograms or tatto lettring that is present there. Even if the latter is more visible compared to the back, it is often hidden by the hair. This cultivates a real mystery to others. The back of the neck is also an area of marking. This part of the body carries all the weight of society. And the shoulder tattoo also goes in the same direction.

Here, the tattoo plays a precise role to the social pressure or simply to that of your entourage. Getting a bird tattoo on the neck, for example, symbolizes freedom, femininity and grace in women. It favors body aesthetics and the will to communicate a precise message to society.

Breast tattoo and breast

The tattoos near the heart are intended for the loved one. Indeed, the chest symbolizes emotion. Your tattoo seems to come to life with your breath. In this case, think about putting a pulse tattoo or an underboob. With a neckline, its visibility accentuates the sensuality, the mysterious side of your personality.

The breast, on the other hand, refers to protection and security. It also symbolizes refuge, resources, interiority and giving. Having a tattoo on the breast is a way to assert your femininity and to show others your sensitivity. But, prefer small patterns like the carpe diem bird.

Hand, wrist and arm tattoos

The symmetry of the arms with the forearms evokes power, strength, success and balance. To get a tattoo on this part of the body is to voluntarily break this precise symmetry. If you get a tattoo on the left arm, it shows the extension of the heart. It will be the reflection of your emotions.

As for the hand and wrists, they are often chosen for temporary tattoos like henna. It is especially in the Magreb countries or in India that opt for this technique. On the other hand, a small tree of life tattoo is perfect for the wrist.

Tattoo feet and ankles

In psychoanalysis, the foot holds a sexual significance. Being in direct contact with the earth, the foot recalls the reality of the objective laws of life. Thus, to tattoo the feet and ankles is to give a poetic dimension to this reality. Sometimes, the tattoo can even go up to the calf and the leg.

Forearm tattoo

For men, the forearm is a part of the body to be privileged if you wish to be tattooed a tree of life. You can choose the inner side, outer side and even both sides depending on your taste. For women, the tree of life on the forearm is small. You have the choice between the Celtic tree of life with a slight touch of modernity, a beautiful palm tree which is the symbol of resistance and victory or simply a discreet and elegant tree of life.


Versatile, the beauty of the tree of life design attracts many tattoo lovers. This representation can be adapted to any size and be decorative as you wish to look elegant. For this reason, tree of life tattoos are quite suitable for both girls and boys.

They can be placed discreetly on the arm or ankle or in a more obvious place if you prefer. In any case, don't be afraid to share your unique tree of life tattoo design ideas with your tattoo artist. There are no good or bad tattoo ideas to represent this popular image.

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