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Tree of life bracelet : a symbolic and exceptional jewel to discover absolutely

A symbol linked to the source of happiness and serenity, the tree of life is becoming an essential motif in jewelry. Yes, wearing an object representing the sacred symbol of the tree of life would allow you to enjoy all its values and meanings at any time of the day. Having a beautiful tree of life bracelet on you will not only make you look elegant.

This jewel embodies a strong symbolism to enjoy every day. Our collection of tree-of-life bracelets will make you discover a wide range of models, as rich as varied to ensure your full satisfaction.


A beautiful range of tree of life bracelets for all

A true symbol of the different elements essential to the happiness of every human being, the tree of life reflects through its different parts water, earth, air and fire. It is thus considered as a strong symbol of creation or rebirth, but also of evolution. Aware of the value of the tree of life, jewelers reveal their talent by carving or drawing or engraving this motif on different types of bracelets: rush, cuff, bracelet chain and chain ...

With its timeless design, the tree of life carved on a bracelet made of noble materials like gold or silver will not leave you indifferent. Through our collection, you can discover a whole range of models made of all materials: gold bracelet, solid silver bracelet or rhodium-plated silver, steel bracelet, leather bracelet, gold or silver-plated metal bracelet, bracelet set with one or more precious and semi-precious stones or fine stones.

A tree of life bracelet is intended to be worn on a daily basis and on all occasions, the models offered through our collection come in a wide variety of styles and ranges. If this sacred symbol is most often embodied in the image of a beautiful tree with several roots, leaves, branches and sometimes also with several trunks surrounded by a circle, on some models, crystals of precious stones, semi-precious stones or fine stones come to heighten the touch of elegance of the whole of the bracelet tree of life. On the more luxurious models, you will find the tree of life adorned with beautiful gems such as onyx, hematite, sapphire and aventurine. In short, tree of life bracelets can be found in all styles and budgets. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you from the wide variety of models in our tree of life bracelets collection.

The most beautiful tree of life bracelets for women and men

Whether you are looking for a tree of life bracelet for men or women, you will surely find what you are looking for in our collection of tree of life jewelry. We also offer a wide choice of models:

  • Gold bracelet
  • Silver bracelet
  • Steel bracelet
  • Fancy bracelet
  • Bracelet in precious and semi-precious stones

Our gold bracelets, for men or women, can be made of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or white gold of excellent quality, generally 18 carats. Silver being a material most appreciated for its resistance to oxidation and wear, we also present a wide variety of models in pure 925 sterling silver for the most part. Rhodium-plated silver tree of life bracelets are also appreciated for their great brilliance. Whether it is silver plated or pure silver, the addition of zircon crystals is essential on a large number of tree of life bracelets to offer you jewelry as sublime as excellent quality. If you are looking to buy a tree of life bracelet on a tight budget, high-quality stainless steel and costume bracelets are excellent choices. They can be adorned with zircon or small pearls for added elegance. But still, a bracelet made of natural gemstones, such as amethyst, garnet, rose quartz, opal, topaz, lapis lazuli and labradorite, are offered in different styles, but always with quality and great reliability.

Tree of life bracelets made of semi-precious stones: bracelets at the top of fashion

A tree of life jewel is considered a lucky charm. This is one reason why a tree of life bracelet is an excellent gift idea to show your best intentions towards someone. Even better, this jewel with a sacred symbol is adorned with beautiful gemstones or semi-precious stones with many virtues. With these types of bracelets, you don't just embellish your wrist. Indeed, the virtues of these stones combine with the values of the tree of life to give real ornaments with certain powers.

A bracelet made of natural amethyst stone with its magnificent medallion with the tree of life motif is thus known as an ideal adornment for developing one's spiritual awakening, for finding the path to wisdom. A tree of life bracelet for women presented in the beautiful purple color of amethyst, it will accompany you in everyday life while singularly adorning your wrist. If you appreciate natural crystals, you will also find particularly interesting models. Indeed, this natural stone has the advantage of coming in a wide variety of shades, from frost blue to pale pink. For an even more original bracelet, you can choose it with charms to accompany the medallion in the image of the tree of life.

Made of quality steel, our tree of life stone bracelets are the most solid. The models with elastic bands fit your wrist, whatever its size. On the other hand, the steel ones have a high-quality clasp with a very ingenious tightening system.

Tree of life bracelet for men: models evoking strength and vitality

Our collection of tree of life bracelets also includes many models especially designed for men. In a high-quality zinc alloy, a Nordic or Viking-inspired tree of life bracelet is an excellent choice. If you want a more classic style of bracelet for everyday wear, a silver tree of life cord bracelet for men is among the many designs we offer. If you often go for a more rock style, handmade leather bracelets or braided leather bracelets are perfect to accompany your outfit.

Moreover, to satisfy all preferences, a bracelet model can be found in different materials, such as gold, silver, stainless steel, zinc alloy or copper in several colors. For a model of a men's bracelet with the sacred symbol of the tree of life more original, you can opt for models with cabochons. These last ones can be fine stones found in solitaire on your bracelet or in a combination of different types of stones.

Your online jewelry store to buy your tree of life bracelet in all serenity

Through our collection of tree-of-life bracelets, we have selected for you the best models of the moment. Tree of life bracelets for all budgets, you will find them in a large variety of material and in a wide range of style as well adapted for men as for women. Whether you are looking for a sterling silver bracelet, a leather bracelet, a gold bracelet, a steel bracelet, a chain bracelet, a cuff bracelet, a charm bracelet or a cord bracelet, you will surely find your happiness. We guarantee you, high-quality models, for each tree of life bracelet offered in our collection.

Indulge yourself by completing your jewelry collection with the timeless design of the tree of life bracelet that will satisfy you in all its aspects. While a gold or silver chain bracelet is just as perfect for a man as it is for a woman, you will also find models with a more feminine look, as well as others that are particularly designed for men, while being very original. More beautiful, practical and of exceptional quality, our tree of life bracelets, whether in gold brass, gold, silver, gold or silver-plated steel or even in breastplate, are easy to put on. For each model, an adapted clasp, as well for the design as the practicality and the safety constitute your bracelet. If on the models of leather bracelets or cord we generally find a lobster clasp, the magnetic or magnetized clasp also applies to the models of steel bracelets and precious metals with a tightening system of the most ingenious.

Offer this lucky jewel to all those people who are so dear to your heart to express your most sincere feelings for them. They will be delivered to you in a beautiful box. Without further ado, browse through our collection of tree-of-life bracelets!

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