Tree of Life Bracelet with Lava Stone Beads and Tree Charm

The Tree of Life bracelet with Lava Stone, a manifestation of power

Fall for this tree of life bracelet that adds style and elegance to your outfit! Made of lava stone, this jewel with the effigy of a sacred plant embodies strength and power. Coming from the depths of the earth, this blackish stone provides its wearer with a protective energy against the discomfort of everyday life. The warmth it contains pleasantly affects the person who puts on this bracelet, giving him the courage and the ability to fight against all difficulties. As for its rough aspect, it absorbs negative emotions to transform them into positive energy.

  • Material: Lava Stone and 316L stainless steel
  • High-quality finish
  • Diameter of beads: 0.32" (8 mm)
  • Length: 7.5" (19 cm)