Tree of Life Necklaces

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Tree of life necklace: a symbolic and beautiful jewel to wear everyday

You will certainly fall under the spell of all these magnificent necklaces bearing the motifs of the legendary tree of life. A jewel with strong symbolism, the tree of life necklace is

adorning more and more busts. While it is appreciated for bringing prosperity, strength and protection, it also enhances the outfit with character and style.


Whether you want to buy your tree of life necklace or you are planning to give a special and original gift to a loved one, browse our catalog to find the most beautiful and stunning tree of life necklaces. You will find them in different styles as well as in a wide variety of materials and colors.

Tree of life necklace: A jewel with many meanings

In the world of jewelry, there are different sets each adorned with a particular pattern or engraving to become that precious jewel you enjoy wearing. Today, the tree of life is at the heart of the greatest jewelry creations. In bracelets, on rings or even on earrings and rings, the tree of life takes shape to make you benefit from all its benefits that humanity has been granting it for several hundred years now.

In religion, as in science, philosophy and mythology, the tree of life has a sacred character. Symbol of immortality or eternal life also represents strength, energy and wisdom. With its multiple branches, it embodies prosperity and achievement. In a tree of life necklace, you can also draw the strength of protection. This magnificent piece of jewelry can be worn as a universal good luck charm, which, when worn daily, will bring you serenity and fulfillment in all moments of your life.

In sterling silver with 925 hallmark, gold plated, rhodium plated silver, yellow gold, white gold, white gold, rose gold, turquoise, stainless steel, breastplate ... we offer a wide range of tree of life necklaces in all materials from the noblest to the most classic to please all tastes.

A tree of life necklace that you can offer on any occasion

The tree of life necklace? It is an ornament that you can offer on any occasion. Depending on how it is made up or engraved on a pendant, the tree of life can have several meanings. If it is drawn with its roots on a choker or a necklace, it will embody the source of serenity, the foundation of origins. This is how you will literally fall under their spell, whether it is depicted on sterling silver or yellow gold necklace or breastplate. On a silver chain or a gold chain necklace, the tree of life, in its simplest form, will express eternity.

A timeless piece of jewelry that can be embellished with a touch of modernity to be even more trendy, the tree of life necklace becomes a beautiful gift to offer, whatever the occasion. With its many meanings, it can express your love for someone dear to your heart or even materialize your friendship. Whether it's with a solid silver cord and pendant necklace or a long necklace with a golden medallion or a beautiful Venetian mesh necklace, a tree of life necklace gift will always mean that you wish the best for its recipient.

We would like to offer you the best models in our rich collection of tree-of-life necklaces. You will be spoilt for choice among our reference sets, such as silver or yellow gold chain, a necklace with a pearl or heart pendant, a choker with gemstones or zirconium oxide, but always with an engraving or a tree of life design.

Our collection of tree of life necklaces for everyone

A new trend in jewelry is the tree of life ornament. Whether it's a pendant, earrings, bracelet, necklace, or any other accessory that symbolizes the tree of life, it holds a meaning that goes beyond the simple act of wearing or giving it. Taking all these parameters into consideration, we have gathered in our collection the most beautiful models of tree of life necklaces. Depending on your preferences and budget, choose your tree of life pendant necklace, tree of life medallion necklace, choker necklace or long tree of life necklace in your favorite material: gold plated, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, white gold, rhodium plated silver or silver-plated metal or in real sterling silver, fancy or stainless steel plastron.

Our tree of life necklaces do not only differ by their material. That's right! The style is also there. A plant motif indeed, the tree of life can also take the form of a round or oval medallion, or a plant pendant or an openwork heart pendant. In jewelry, the tree of life pendant necklace in an openwork style comes in a wide variety of cuts. The roots, trunk, branches and leaves of the tree can be made with cultured pearls or gemstones, semi-precious stones, namely ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, topaz, garnet, amethyst, lapis lazuli and onyx. Tree of life necklaces and necklaces are also adorned with zircon crystals in our collection to shine like diamonds and be purchased at lower prices.

The association of the tree of life with stones and their different virtues also offers the most original jewelry. Indeed, a tree of life necklace set with rose quartz would be more beneficial for the heart and to strengthen love. On the other hand, if you want to avoid stress, to remain calm and appeased, a necklace model with turquoise would be an excellent choice. If you want to regain your purity, reconnect more with nature, the silver chain necklace will be perfect. Whether you are looking for a man's necklace or a woman's tree of life necklace, our collection of tree of life necklaces, necklaces and pendants will surely allow you to find the model of your dreams!

A tree of life necklace for men or women to be more stylish every day

A symbol that particularly appeals to jewelry designers, the tree of life fascinates, both by its many meanings and its timeless design. Today, you will be able to discover a wide range of jewelry sets bearing its image. This plant with multiple virtues can be drawn in all styles on a necklace. This is one reason why our collection of tree of life necklaces presents models in all styles and materials, models for all budgets and all tastes. But more importantly, the tree of life necklace goes perfectly with any style of outfit.

A silver tree of life necklace is a trendy ornament for all generations. It can be combined with white gold or white gold necklace or sautoir as a pendant to create a more striking tone on tone effect. Made of rhodium-plated silver or coated with rhodium, the silver tree of life necklace keeps its shine for a long time. A perfect adornment for any occasion, it goes equally well with a chic or elegant look, as with a more sober or sporty look. However, if you are more passionate about the yellow or white gold tree of life necklace, it can also be worn with any look. For a more classic look, you can opt for a gold chain tree of life necklace or sautoir. If you want to distinguish more your rock side, opt for the choker or a necklace model more ethnic. A tree of life necklace for women, the model of long pearl necklace with tree of life pendant in rose gold represents an excellent choice to display a more chic or elegant look. But to adorn your neckline for special occasions, you can choose between the tree of life necklace in crystal or set with diamonds.

Whatever your choice of tree of life necklace, remember that it is a piece of jewelry that evokes a strong symbolism, above all. Wearing this type of necklace not only offers you style, but also a good luck necklace that can guide you to wisdom and inner peace. More and more symbols and references are being brought into a modern tree of life jewelry designs. Our collection of tree of life necklaces exists to satisfy you to the fullest!

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