Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

The Tree of Life Pendant with Amethyst Stone to be both stylish and protected

Make yourself beautiful with this beautiful amethyst tree of life necklace and enjoy both the symbolism of the stone and its splendor! A symbol of inner peace, this sacred plant inspired this beautiful copper alloy jewel guarantees you peace and fulfillment. With its amethyst ornament, this tree of life necklace promotes creativity and spiritual elevation. If you need to cleanse the body, this natural stone has the power to purify the aura and eliminate negative waves. This necklace is a good choice if you lack concentration or need to meditate.

  • Material: amethyst stone and zinc alloy
  • Length: 17.5" (45 cm)
  • Pendant size: 1.65 x 1" (4,2 x 2,6 cm)
  • Weight: 1.23oz (35g)