925 Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Tree of Life Necklace

A mother of pearl tree of life necklace, a good ally to dress with elegance

Brighten up your outfit with elegance by opting for this mother of pearl tree of life necklace that won't tarnish. Not only does this handcrafted jewelry benefit you, but it also keeps its original condition even after years of use. The mother-of-pearl pendant symbolizes both the calming of anxiety and helps rid you of negative thoughts. Being a mood regulator, this tree of life necklace does not fail to soothe its wearer in case of stress or excessive anger. If you want to act with caution and hindsight on a daily basis, this jewelry is a good choice of accessory. Think of wearing it every day to better benefit from its virtues.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • High-quality jewelry
  • Pendant size: " 22 mm
  • Weight: oz ( 4g