Owl Silver Tree of Life Necklace

The virtuous Owl Tree of Life Necklace to add meaning to your outfit

This Silver Owl Tree of Life Necklace is exactly the right accessory for you if you like to dress in style, while adding meaning to your outfit. This multi-faceted piece of jewelry has been specially crafted from zinc alloy with a silver finish and a white crystal setting to bring you sparkle. Want to tell the story of your origin through an ornament? This Tree of Life Owl Necklace is the ideal model. Moreover, its roots anchored deep in the earth remind you of your roots and the links that unite you. You can display this bond at any time by wearing this splendid jewel of rare beauty.

  • Material: zinc alloy 
  • High-quality jewelry
  • Chain Length: 27.5 - 30" (70 - 75 cm)
  • Pendant Diameter: 1.58" (4 cm)
  • Weight: 0.63oz (18g)