7 Chakra Tree of Life Necklace with Owl

A 7 Chakras Tree of Life Pendant to be elegant in all circumstances

The 7 Chakras Tree of Life Pendant combines the beauty of its pendant with the perfection of its design to ensure a successful outfit match. If you are struggling to achieve the personal development you so desire, this high quality jewelry offers you the virtues of these fine stones and guarantees inner peace and fulfillment. In case of lack of inspiration, artists can wear this set and find their creativity thanks to the citrine on the pendant. When you are facing an energy blockage, the rock crystal intervenes to activate everything.

  • Materials: Amethyst, crystal, citrine, aventurine, opal, agate, zinc alloy
  • Length (adjustable chain): 17.5 - 19.5" (45 - 50 cm)
  • Diamètre : 5 cm
  • Weight: 0.7oz (20g)