Red Aventurine Tree of Life Cabochon Ring

An elegant and symbolic Red Aventurine Stone Ring

The red stone set in this beautiful tree of life ring brings you energy, joy and helps you recover quickly from physical fatigue. The tree of life is also a source of energy and strength. By wearing this set with an image of the tree of life, you can enjoy its many benefits.

This Red Aventurine Stone Ring is an accessory that will complement your clothing style. Its classy silver color makes it suitable for all your outfits, from the most formal to the most casual.

  • Material: Red Aventurine and 316L Stainless steel
  • Adjustable - One Size Fits All
  • High-quality finish
  • Weight: 0.2oz (28g)
This Red Aventurine Tree of Life Cabochon Ring is a gift idea that will please everyone! Whatever the occasion and the time of year.