Red Jasper Tree of Life Ring

Wearing the red jasper ring with tree of life for better protection

The red jasper ring brings protection, in addition to purification and consolidation of the aura. Associated with the life force, this stainless steel jewelry purifies the body and soothes some localized pain with its stone. By wearing this beautiful Red Jasper and Tree of Life Ring, you will enjoy two closely related symbolisms. If the sacred plant expresses family and life force, Red Jasper solves female problems, especially when you are expecting a new member of your tribe. Also take advantage of the gemstone's interaction with the solar plexus chakra to get rid of chronic stomach aches.

  • Material: Red Jasper & Copper
  • Adjustable - One Size Fits All
  • High-quality finish
  • Weight: 0.55oz (15,5g)